Discover, Design, Build and Scale with Think Design's multidisciplinary teams of experts.

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Whatever your ambition - from creating custom applications and software to reimagining how your business operates - Think Design will assist you in establishing a new standard and adding further value to your organization.

Think Design is ranked among the best digital marketing firms in NYC, and our diverse portfolio of clients range from nonprofits and universities to startups and global companies. Services include business process optimization, enterprise-scale no-code development, UX, web design & development, digital Marketing & strategy. With our bespoke solutions, we can help you fulfill your ambitions.

What We Offer

Business Process Consulting

Shows two people arranging notes on a whiteboard Our methodology is anchored in human-centered design, agile project flow, and inclusion for all. Think Design covers all aspects of your organization. This encompasses workflows and stakeholders, as well as internal and external audiences. It includes every touchpoint.

Getting to the core

Our user-centered cycle of discovering, creating, sharing, and reviewing your current work helps produce together a concise contemporary narrative.

Collaboratively working with us unlocks the following services:

  • Visualize all aspects of your business to distill its essence.
  • Envision and map future work processes
  • Create a clarified message: defining the story for your customers, employees, and partners.
  • Use best UX practices for the most effective presentation of your brand. When looking for a UX design firm, “think” Think Design.
  • Design your online portal, ensuring that it’s secure, fast, engaging, and robust.

We do the heavy lifting

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As a premier design agency for nonprofits, Think Design will be your strategic partner that will collaborate with you in a friendly and engaging way to help you achieve your business goals. Be it BBC, Pfizer or Midis Group, global brands trust Think Design to share their mission with their target audience.

Choose Think Design as your digital partner

Our digital strategy enables us to serve companies that operate across cultural boundaries. Think Design devotes personal attention to multi-sector solutions.

Working together, we’ll help your business flourish.


What customers are saying

"Midis was very pleased to work with Think Design. They built a full-service partnership with us, ranging from creative suggestions, content generation, site structure and technical development. They took the time to learn our business, understand our culture, allowing us to focus on, and achieve, our goals for our reinvigorated online presence."

Rob Eckelmann – Chairman, Midis Group Advisory Board

Lowy Scan - the custom product that Think Design delivered has changed how we work. It's an invaluable sales and inventory management tool that we use on a daily basis.

Author avatar Brad Shar – Vice President, Lowy Fine Art Framing and Restoration

Think Design really delivered. The editing interface is straightforward, and it's easy to compose content. Through video, they made our content accessible - reaching kids as well as our core teacher audience.

Author avatar Gary Benenson – Director of City Technology at City College

Think Design enabled us to realize this project, from collection digitization to the student interface for publishing and online exhibition.

Author avatar Jessica Davis – American Revolution Digitization Project