Web design for a global IT powerhouse
Here's what happened when Midis Group engaged Think Design

Web design for a global IT powerhouse

Midis Group

The biggest company you’ve never heard of

Think Design was selected by the Midis Group to design and develop its website in 2018. While Midis is not a household name in the West, it is a multi-billion global IT brand with a fifty-year history.

Our challenge was to introduce this regionally known brand, a holding of over 170 companies, to the world by creating a leading-edge web presence with effective SEO, enabling top companies to find Midis on the Web.

For this project, Think Design shared and amplified the Group’s record of success, which includes a 12% compound annual growth over the past ten years, and mastery of both regional and technical expertise.

Above all, we built content and messaging around the company’s entrepreneur-driven ethos, which centers on trust. Internally, the Group has created a culture that supports and promotes its employees. Externally, the Group has affiliate and technology partner relationships measured in decades….

Through their web presence www.midisgroup.com 2019 Midis Group Website, we helped create a brand identity for Midis, across all its companies, conveying the Group’s core offer enabling Fortune 100 companies to enter emerging markets across Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Listening to Stakeholders

Our discovery process included talking and listening with executives and managers, then re-telling the Midis story with coherence through our content. Early on, we interviewed Raymond Bou Samra, head of human resources at Midis Group. He inspired us with a phrase to organize both UX and content:

“We are like a fleet of ships going all in the same direction. Each ship has its own capacity, its own crew, its own captain, and the type of cargo they handle. We have companies who can do software solutions, companies who can do system integration, companies that do distribution.” – Raymond Bou Samra

Midis’ breadth, depth and history demanded Think Design utilize our broad background of client experience across media, finance, education, arts and culture, and retail.

We conducted extensive stakeholder interviews in all three Midis regions, in person and virtually. These interviews helped us understand the unique value proposition of Midis as a single group, as well as the different individual companies across the network.

Moving from outdated to cutting edge

As a result, we created mobile-responsive web architecture, using back-end facilities staff could easily use, based on a new distributed infrastructure that was secure and modular, having a decent digital lifecycle.

The Think Design mission was to fulfill the Group’s need to modernize and to focus their online message. The brief would convey Midis’ commitment to culture and describe its regulatory compliance across the regions. Overall, it was vital to share Midis’ unique ability to enable leading IT companies to access tremendous opportunities in emerging markets while minimizing reputational risk.

To tell the story of both the brand and its 170 affiliates and partners, we classified the information challenge, giving site users logical pathways to understand Midis activities worldwide. These range from retail to distribution; software to hardware; system integration to data centers; critical IT infrastructure to power generation and ERP solutions.

It was clear that we needed the site to provide a forward-looking investment as a result of its modularity and long shelf-life. Our answer to the challenge was a modular solution offering CMS, build, and CDN (Content Delivery Network) hosting, with the outcome based on an open-source, scalable and decoupled solution.

I want to work for Midis

We achieved success metrics for the client with the new site delivering considerable improvements on visitor numbers and length of sessions. The site has modernized and future-proofed the Midis Group web-presence and is now at work, generating trust in the Group for existing and potential new business partners.

Our solution is mobile-responsive, swift to render, GDPR compliant, offers fewer attack surfaces, and delivers content via CDN. As a result of the new site architecture and ease-of-use, content is being created and delivered at such a rate that new social media audiences have now been generated, further enhancing the Group brand.

In short, Think Design has delivered a contemporary brand-enhancing global site that has the audience saying, “I want to work with Midis.”