Sustainable Investing Research and Analysis

Sustainable Invest: Helping Investors Diversify their Portfolios with Sustainable Investments

Sustainable Investing Research and Analysis

Sustainable Invest Sees Website User Sessions Increase by 60% After Major Redesign

Sustainable Invest: Helping Investors Diversify their Portfolios with Sustainable Investments 

Since its founding in 2017, NYC-based Sustainable Invest has provided independent and actionable research to individuals who wish to add sustainable investments to their portfolios. The company also provides analysis opinions and sustainable fund disclosure assessments.

Sustainable Invest’s research activities rely on a clearly defined classification framework that encompasses mutual funds, ETFs, other investment vehicles, and securities.

The company’s research and analysis empowers retail investors, financial intermediaries, as well as small and medium-sized asset owners—all with the ultimate goal of helping investors achieve their financial goals and set aside capital. 

Despite its many successes, Sustainable Invest wanted to expand its online audience, build and connect with a social media community, and increase engagement on its website. Think Design was able to step in, identify the challenges, and devise the solutions that helped Sustainable Invest achieve its goals. 

The Challenges

While Sustainable Invest had a great website filled with useful and actionable content, it had difficulty attracting a wider audience. 

Specifically, the company wanted to accomplish the following:

  • Restructure its website content to make it more discoverable to site users and Googlebot,
  • Revise its website content to make it more appealing to beginner investors, and
  • Build and connect with a social media audience. 

The Solutions

To solve the different challenges, Think Design wore numerous hats: as digital strategists, we focused on restructuring the site’s content with the goal of improving the findability of articles. We also devised and executed an organic traffic strategy to drive more organic traffic from Google and other search engines to the Sustainable Invest website.

As web designers, we used human-centered design principles to revamp the website’s information architecture (IA) and user experience (UX) design

As marketers, we created a social media outreach plan to build an engaged online community for Sustainable Invest. We also redesigned their newsletter to boost subscriber reach and improve top-of-mind awareness with existing subscribers. 

Our expertise extended to the following areas: project and product management, web development and engineering, as well as managed hosting and site maintenance. 

We also implemented the following solutions: 

  • Revised and updated the content to make it more relevant to its target audience. This included establishing when the content was useful to investors and identifying the kind of investors it would appeal to.
  • Used human-centered design principles to boost the site’s UX design and information architecture. Some of the tactics we employed include; extensive user research, inexpensive testing, the creation of personas based on the target audience, and heuristic analysis (for improved user interface design).
  • Redesigned the homepage and second-level pages, making sure they aligned with the new information architecture. 
  • Created a Reddit community that regularly posted content and engaged with Reddit users.

The Results: Sustainable Invest Saw Website User Session Times Increase by 60%

Our decision to revise the site’s content, as well as revamp its UX and IA, had a positive impact on the site’s user engagement. The content was more targeted and aligned with the pain points of the target audience. The articles were also organized in a more logical and intuitive manner, making them easier for users to browse. 

The end result? Sustainable Invest saw website user session times increase by 60%!

We also succeeded in creating a highly engaged online community for Sustainable Invest. 

After trying social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, we found that Reddit had the most resonance. We manage a highly engaged and active Reddit community, regularly posting content and answering the questions of Reddit users eager to learn more about sustainable investing. 

Our redesign of the newsletter proved equally impactful, as we saw the number of subscribers increase by 3x per month. 

Just as importantly, our decision to re-host the website saw a 4x decrease in load times. This had a positive impact on bounce rates, average session duration, as well as the site’s visibility on Google’s organic search results.  

Last but not least, we set up analytics and reporting for Sustainable Invest. This allows them to closely monitor their website performance, identify and resolve any issues, as well as analyze the performance of their digital marketing campaigns.