How UX Design Agency in New York Can Transform Your Branding

How UX Design Agency in New York Can Transform Your Branding

How often have you landed on an unattractive or difficult-to-navigate site and actually made a purchase? Probably never
How UX Design Agency in New York Can Transform Your Branding

UX, or user experience, is one of the most important pieces of any website’s success. Think about it like this: How often have you landed on an unattractive or difficult-to-navigate site and actually made a purchase? Probably never. 

When customers or clients visit an unintuitive site and have a bad experience, they’re probably not coming back. But on the flip side, when users enjoy using your software or visiting your website, they’re much more likely to return – and spend their money on your products or services. 

When you work with a top-tier digital marketing firm like Think Design, you’ll have access to innovations from New York City’s UX thought leader. We’ve worked with nonprofits, global powerhouses, Fortune 100 companies, and startups alike. Whatever your needs and goals, we’re here to help.


All-Inclusive User Experience

User experience begins and ends with the customer – and there are a few important subfields of the discipline that we will consider along the way. Building a strong user experience on your site and intuitively designing the customer journey is a great way to transform your brand’s identity, giving users a positive, enjoyable experience interacting with your brand online. 

The best UX design agencies will combine the principles of UX and UI. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into both of those concepts. 

User Experience (UX)

The most basic and overarching term for customer-centric design, UX refers to how customers (both existing and potential) engage with your brand digitally. From both a rational standpoint and an emotional one, UX has an impact on how users think and feel about what your company offers. Strong UX anticipates a user’s needs, providing a seamless experience. 

User Interface (UI)

UI is a piece of the puzzle more traditionally associated with design. It involves appearance and functionality, meaning that UI designers will harness colors, layouts, visuals, and typography to enhance user satisfaction and prolong positive, conversion-oriented engagement. 

So What’s in It For You?

Now that you have a better understanding of what UX and UI actually mean, let’s talk about their impacts. Companies that succeed in harnessing the power of UX and UI can increase both their conversion rate and their brand reputation.

How? Plenty of research has found that UX-focused design improves the customer experience – but that’s not all it can do. Strong UX also raises customer satisfaction levels, leading to robust business growth. And the impact here is anything but small. 

Let’s turn to the numbers. One study found that every $1 you invest in your site’s UX design could actually return as much as $100 over time. An ROI rate of 9,900% is pretty impressive. So how does UX have such a high level of impact? 

Essentially, strong UX is closely linked to high conversion rates. If a user has a positive experience on your website and enjoys the time they spent there, they will build a pleasurable mental picture of your brand. After this first step, it’s only a matter of time before they move further down the conversion funnel and make a purchase. 

When you invest in a UX design project with a reputable, trustworthy digital marketing agency, you are bringing your business into the digital age and making your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace where first impressions are everything. 

Turn to NYC’s #1 UX Designer for Your Next Project

Wondering how to get started? That’s where we come in. If you’re looking to revamp your brand’s identity with a UX overhaul that’s sure to turn heads and generate plenty of buzz, look no further. At Think Design, we have decades of experience in this very industry, and we are excited to help you take your brand to the next level. 

With a talented team of designers and developers backing our best-in-class digital strategies, your brand will be at the forefront in no time. There’s no better time than today to get in touch with us – you won’t regret making this investment.