The Ultimate Checklist to Hiring the Right UX Design Agency in New York

The Ultimate Checklist to Hiring the Right UX Design Agency in New York

Redesigning or Launching a New Website? Emphasize UX Design
The Ultimate Checklist to Hiring the Right UX Design Agency in New York

If you’re redesigning or launching a new website, you’ll need to emphasize on your website’s UX design. Also known as user experience design, UX design makes your website more enjoyable for users by optimizing key elements like design, clickable buttons, information architecture, and navigation.

A website that provides an accessible and delightful user experience is more likely to see deeper user engagement. Engagement, in turn, positively impacts user loyalty and conversions.

Read on if you’re looking for valuable tips on hiring the right UX design agency for your project. But first, let’s make a clear distinction between UX and UI design.

What Is the Difference Between UX Design and UI Design?

close-up of a UX wireframe; interaction design process

While interrelated, there is a clear distinction between UX design and UI (user interface) design.

UX design pertains to how users interact with and experience products, including websites, mobile apps, and software. UX considers factors like design, usability, functionality, and branding to provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

UI design focuses on harnessing visual design elements—like images, typography, space, and layout—to make websites accessible and attractive to users.

Check out our helpful article for more information about the differences between UX and UI design.

Your 5-point Checklist for Vetting UX Design Agencies

Use the following checklist to vet UX design agencies. Doing so will help you identify the agency best equipped to solve your product design challenges.

1. Does the agency’s website meet your UX standards?

The UX agency needs to practice what it preaches. Closely assess the UX agency’s website.

Does the website load quickly and correctly on your device? Is the website easy to navigate? Are the buttons clickable? Is the information organized logically? Is the design aesthetically pleasing without being distracting? Is the text easy to read?

Rate your overall UX journey throughout their website. A reputable UX agency should score well on all relevant criteria.

2. Does their website carry a portfolio or feature case studies?

Check out the portfolio or case study section on the UX agency’s website.

Go beyond aesthetics. Just because a featured project is visually striking doesn’t mean it provides a positive user experience. Aside from featuring their best work, case studies and portfolios should clearly explain the client’s objectives and challenges and highlight the steps the UX agency took to meet the goals and solve issues.

3. Do they have testimonies and referrals?

A reputable UX design agency should have testimonials on websites like Awwwards, Clutch, and Goodfirms. Peruse these and see what past clients had to say about working with this UX design agency.

If possible, get referrals from the agency and contact past clients to find out what they have to say about working with this agency.

4. Does the agency have the right skill set?

You’ll want to work with a UX design agency proficient in UX audits, user research and testing, mockup design, prototype design, customer journey mapping, and UX KPIs like usability metrics.

Get in touch with a sales representative or project manager and determine if your agency has the relevant skills.

5. Do they explain their research methodology well?

UX designers cannot offer the best user experience unless they develop a deep understanding of your user base. To do this, the agency undertakes proven UX research methods that generate insights about your users—including their needs, motivations, and behavioral patterns.

A respected UX design agency in New York, like Think Design, will employ solid UX research methods to get under the skin and into the minds of your users.

Create User Experiences that Delight and Convert Audiences with Think Design

business website created using solid UX and UI design principles

If you’re looking for a reputable and highly experienced UX design agency to revamp your website, look no further than Think Design. We’re a premium UX design agency in New York with more than 25 years of experience providing UX design services to local and international clients.

We’ll fuse great marketing and copywriting with solid UX/UI principles to transform your website into a lead generation and conversion machine. Get in touch with your requirements today.