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Education Website Design

Educational institutions need a web design & development partner that has the experience and insight to deliver a site that becomes a hub for the whole community each school, college, and university builds, represents, and supports.

For more than 12 years Think Design has served the education sector, delivering secure, innovative sites that enable students, parents, faculty, staff, and funders to share information and interact. As your online presence, your website is the primary and most effective marketing product you will create.

Your student’s online education and support portal

More than ever, your institute’s website is required to maximize the opportunities to facilitate learning and deliver community support. Though the Coronavirus pandemic may diminish in importance, learning, community building, and the internet will not, and an effective web platform that meets today’s challenges will hold any institute in good stead for whatever the future brings.

Your website, your values

As an educational institute, the way information is shared is central to your mission and expresses your culture. Your website is your digital mission statement. It stands testament to your ability to improve every aspect of the lives you touch. Delivering the required functionality while enhancing your brand is one of the benefits of having Think Design as your experienced education website design partner.

What else can my educational website do?

Your website can combine any aspect of a community hub, administrative portal, and information provision for all your visitors. Through our education website design discovery process, the focus of the website and online tools will be considered from the perspective of all stakeholders, with particular attention on how users and the institute can both maximize the potential for interaction and data insights offered by today’s cutting edge web tools. Some of the features you may be interested in discussing are detailed below.

Promote your institute

Virtual tour

Enable prospective students and parents to see the campus before visiting in person.

Online Prospectus

Hosts brochures and video, and use bespoke or off the shelf online forms to build a database of prospective students and families


Share curriculum, faculty and staff information for public interest and prospective students. Just as important are all the on-campus support and ancillary services and staff available.

Fundraising and Grants

A major benefit to all institutes is to be able to motivate gifts and giving, with a space to highlight fundraising opportunities special gifts from donors. A strong Alumni community can be a powerful fundraising engine, sharing alumni success through inspirational stories. Your site can host the alumni community and promote its events.

Results public portal

How does your institute stack up against the competition? Share the non-personal academic achievements of the institute online.



All aspects of the application process, including key dates, information on tuitional fees and other charges, and your terms and condition will be a major function of most .edu sites.

Online payments

Enable parents and students to manage their financial commitments to education in one place

Cohort portals


Share required documents and results of mandated inspections and repairs

Alerts and notices

Your site will be one of the first places most of the institute’s community turn to during special events or crises. Your site can assist in organizing and directing people with clarity.

Community and organization building

Staff portal

For communication between, hiring, and admin of non-faculty staff, this area of the site can boost the feeling of community between staff and students and feature any aspect of their interaction.

Faculty portal

For hiring, calendars, policies, and faculty community building, it can pay to keep this part of your site public, though having a login site for admin is also essential.

Student portal

The voice of the student community, this enables your student body to share what it stands for and open a window to the wide interests of school or campus life. The student portal is also another space which would provide admin and personal communication through a secure login

Parent portal

An ideal space for PTA, faculty and parent communications through a secure login, providing access to plug-in video conferencing, also helpful for public consulatatoin such as community input at Board of Education meetings. Billing could be hosted on site, enabling parents to have a one-stop shop for all their needs.

Learning portal

Most vital at the current time, this is where you will be hosting your institute’s online classes, handbooks, study aids, assessments, or examinations. A fast, secure site to enable video streaming is one of the necessities in the current climate.

Local knowledge and international reach

As a New York City based company, we are proud to have worked with CUNY and the New-York Historical Society, among others, to help them and their audiences meet their online needs. For non-local web design firms, NYC institutes can pose a special challenge given the exceptionally diverse communities they serve. Our expertise in addressing cultural sensitivity enables us to confidently assist international institutes wherever they may be located, with recent extensive experience working with organizations in Europe and the Middle East.

Long-term results

Our purpose is to get you back in business and leave you in a better place.

Time and again, Think Design has helped clients by delivering a stable and engaging digital platform, enabling them to focus on their customers. Please visit to view case studies from our 20 years in web design.

We look forward to helping you.

– Ray Shah, Founder