Do More With Your Surplus Budget Than You’ve Done All Year

Do More With Your Surplus Budget Than You’ve Done All Year

If you find yourself at the end of your fiscal year with a budget surplus, you may be wondering about how to invest it. This article will give you a few ideas
Do More With Your Surplus Budget Than You’ve Done All Year

Now that we’re into the fourth quarter of the year, you may find yourself in the enviable position of having a budget surplus. You’ve been managing your money well – now spend what’s left over in the most productive way possible.

It might seem tempting to simply save your budget surplus and file it away as profit. However, as you know, when your department doesn’t spend the entirety of your budget, it looks like you didn’t need that money in the first place – and you’ll probably be allocated less going forward.

So take a moment to consider the ways that you can invest your surplus budget instead of letting it disappear. What goals are you still working toward this year? What are some areas in which you can shine by spending the rest of your surplus?

You have plenty of choices when it comes to deciding how to spend your surplus budget. But with hiring freezes in place for many companies, you have an opportunity to do more with less. Spending your surplus budget can help fill in the gaps left by those freezes, ensuring that your brand continues to succeed in this economic environment.

But one avenue can offer you truly incredible returns. Consider putting your surplus budget toward software development with UX (user experience) to maximize the value of your spending on a project that’s both highly impactful and cost-effective.

Why Choose Software Development and UX?

When we talk about UX, we’re talking about user experience, or how customers (or potential customers) interact with a digital product. It’s related to how users think and feel about your product, whether that “product” is a good you can hold in your hand, a service, or a nonprofit mission.

Software development and UX projects can have huge impacts on your business’ growth and development. While these areas may feel like abstract places to invest, research by McKinsey & Company has proven that great UX design not only betters customer experience and satisfaction but also leads to business growth.

At Think Design, we offer an incredible combination of great UX design and rapid software development. UX focuses on understanding the goals of the user and fulfilling their needs, leading to an enhanced experience. Software development is all about bringing your product to life.

We can achieve 5 to 10 times the productivity of traditional methods by combining these areas of expertise in a compelling way that yields a high ROI – and quickly.

No-code developer workspace

And the impact of investing in UX and software development can be huge. A study by WebFX found that investing just $1 in your site’s UX could give you an ROI of up to $100 over time.

But you might be wondering about the cost – a project with this much impact must be incredibly expensive, right? Well, that’s not necessarily the case…

How Can Low-Code / No-Code Development Maximize Your Surplus Budget?

Software development and UX projects were once incredibly complicated, involving tasks that only expert programmers could complete. But today, new technological developments have revolutionized the world of software development and UX.

The biggest revolution has come in the form of no-code / low-code development. “No code” refers to a software development strategy that’s optimized to allow even those of us who aren’t so technologically inclined to execute software. And get this: there’s no coding required.

Working with a digital strategy and software development agency that offers no-code development, like Think Design, can save you both time and money on your project.

No-code development wireframe

There are several reasons why no-code development is quicker and more cost-effective. First off, no code development uses an all-in-one approach, meaning that there’s no need for you to hire a fleet of different developers to kick off your project. We’ve consolidated this process.

With no code development, our team of developers can build your whole stack. Our UX team, front-end and back-end engineers work together to create a compelling product much faster than traditional methods allow. That’s because no-code often uses prewritten blocks of code. You can probably envision how much this method can save you on labor alone.

It’s also much simpler to update and revise your project later on. Think Design projects created with no-code development are optimized to be accessible. They usually employ simple visual tools like drag and drop.

Let NYC’s #1 No-Code Developer Help You Reinvest in Your Business

Think Design is New York’s premier no-code / low-code software developer and can help you make the most out of reinvesting your budget surplus this year. We can transform your vision into the mobile, web app or software project that your brand deserves.

As top-tier no-code and low-code developers, we have years of experience under our belts working on software and UX projects. We’re known for optimizing digital and helping your business grow.

Whatever sector you’re in, get in touch with us at Think Design to learn more about the impact a UX or software development project could have on your brand.