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Web Development

For over twenty years, Think Design has been delivering top-quality websites that showcase our clients’ enterprises. The knowledge we have gathered through building sites for diverse sectors and fulfilling their marketing needs benefit our new and existing clients. With so many developers out there to choose from and high risk to your venture from poorly executed development, the value of experience is peace of mind to further build your business.

What we offer


We perform extensive research to determine the best path to realize your goals. From a position of understanding, we design a development plan that suits your specific needs and creates a framework for the right platform to build your audience.


When you need a reliable content management system so that you can work on your site without a web developer, you can lean on us. We have expertise in JAMStack, Drupal, and our team of expert WordPress website designers to chalk out the site architecture with our UX experts before starting development. This architecture underpins every aspect of the site so your venture has the best chance to succeed and flourish, while leaving flexibility to accommodate new growth opportunities.

Customized Web Design

One size does not fit all. We are here to provide the best website with you and your business’s needs in mind. The discovery and planning incorporate the choice of design direction that fulfills your brand’s identity and goals. The user experience for visitors to your site reflects who you are as an organization. Getting your website right enables you to build an audience. With the right engagement from site visitors and analytics with which to implement a targeted digital marketing strategy, your website will be in the best position to ensure long-term growth.

Right Technology Incorporation

We stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry so we can deliver the optimal website. New isn’t necessarily better, and we will always benchmark tried and tested technology before making recommendations. The bottom line is that we work to ensure reliability and speed. If we’re building bespoke, we’ll be aiming to deliver clean code and minimize bugs. The right tool for the job is always the aim, which means having an extensive toolbox. Many companies’ sites are built on WordPress, for example, and having the expertise to keep it secure is one of the essential components of WordPress web design. We are also familiar with static site generators (SSGs), such as Hugo and Gatsby.

Client Education

Making sure the client and web developer are on the same page is essential, and we take great care to explain our decision making so we can move forward in lock-step. There are various aspects of web development decision-making that can seem opaque to a client that doesn’t have expert knowledge, and for those clients that are interested, we are happy to lift the lid and share the good technical reasons for each decision. Bringing the client into design sessions and co-creating is one of our specialties. It helps build a bond and educates the client so design iterations can progress more smoothly.


The roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines is a welcome development. In January 2021, WebAIM found that websites in the US at federal, state and local levels have been marred by poor accessibility, furthering the inequities of vaccine distribution.

Accessibility is not optional. Developing accessible online products enhances their SEO performance, but more importantly it brings your brand and products to a wider audience, enhancing sales and/or knowledge of your brand.

At Think Design, online accessibility is baked into every website we build.

Enhancing your Brand with Good Development

The right look and feel for your site might not have an obvious connection to the way the site is developed, but it’s crucial for your brand. Planning the right experience for your audience depends on the ability of your website developer to deliver it.

In the most obvious ways, if your site is slow, buggy, not secure, laden with obsolete plug-ins, confusing to navigate, point people to pages with errors, and so on, you will hinder user engagement. But in much less obvious ways, web development may hinder you through hidden things such as negatively impacting SEO, where you have not paid attention to the right meta title and descriptions for your brand, or even may have chosen coding practices and UX that deliver some benefits for specific use cases but hinder the ability of search engines to find you. Small details like not building things that create a lot of data use, or battery drain which can help your audience feel good about your site. There are endless small ways that inexperienced development can hinder your brand’s potential, that a client may not know to look out for, but we do.

Maintenance and Support

Once the website is live, we provide full support to our clients to ensure the website’s smooth running. Our maintenance service can be tailored to the client’s needs but we would always recommend a plan that enables us to keep on top of bugs and security threats and minimize any downtime arising from a site or server issue. Maintaining a fast, secure site is the basic complement to our web development service. We can also provide maintenance as a standalone service for pre-existing sites, not built by Think Design.

Support for your web team can include ongoing training (we will always provide handover training as part of the development process), and content management. If you find you require new utility for the site we are able to offer a maintenance and support contract that includes revisions and new features.

Why choose us?

We have stayed among the top web development firms in NYC for many years for the following reasons. Advanced, trusted technologies and practices

  • Experienced professionals
  • Diverse, deep skillsets
  • SEO optimization
  • Accessibility audit and optimization (WCAG 2.1 AA and AAA)
  • Full-service web development and digital marketing under a single roof
  • Pragmatic user-centric website design
  • Adherence to industry standards and regulatory compliance
  • Safe and secure websites that build and maintain the trust of customers
  • Forging long-term client relationships