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User Experience Design for Your Website
UX Design Agency NYC | UX/Customer Experience Design

A website’s UX (user experience) is a key element toward defining its success. Will they come back not just because they have to, but because they enjoyed it? Think Design has years of experience creating customer experience design websites. We are adept at comprehensively analyzing your online presence and refining your site based on your customer’s needs. We UX design Agency in NYC that will catch and hold the attention of your audience and encourage deeper engagement and greater conversion.

The look and feel of your website

The look and feel of your site are developed in tandem but rely on different web design skills. The look – including graphics, images, typography, and style of other elements such as buttons – is part of the user interface (UI). The feel – including usability, information accessibility, the intangibles around brand identity, the emotional response provoked in the user – is the realm of the UX designer.

A specialty within UX design, customer experience design (CX) focuses on all the interactions a customer has with your products or services, making sure each one is shot through with your brand identity. Every touchpoint, including your website, can embody the experience you provide your customer. Whether you serve B2B or B2C customers, great customer experience design delivers increased loyalty and conversion.

UI and UX dovetail with great copywriting and marketing to benefit your site in the following ways:


Your website’s design and digital strategy will be a major influence on the depth of audience engagement. This is where Think Design shines. With 25 years under our belt as a UX design agency in New York, you can be assured our strategy will encompass the insight, experience, and understanding of the most relevant trends and technologies to build user engagement through your site. With the site launched, we make use of market-leading tools to evaluate that engagement and help define opportunities and strategy.

User Acquisition and Conversion

Think Design has vast experience in designing for different sectors and culturally diverse entities and audiences. No matter where your audience are, our discovery and user-centric process enable us to deliver a site that targets the sweet spot between your goals and your audience’s needs. When your online presence does that, user acquisition is going to be more successful, lead conversion will increase and the whole experience delivers greater retention.

User Retention and Loyalty

To keep your users over time, UX has to evolve and stay fresh, reflecting new ways of communicating, and changing devices and their use (e.g., the ability to provide familiar gestures like swipe, or features on-site chat). UX for your site should be adaptable, so changes can be made incrementally, through iterations, and provide proof at each point that you are hitting targets. You neither want to be left behind nor design something so out-there that you leave your audience behind.

Loyalty comes with something that people trust, that they want to keep using, and that changes as they change. If you are going to refresh your site you don’t want to alienate your existing user base and good UX evolution rather than revolution is often the way to go. Even if you know you want a clean sheet design, then leaving cues that are meaningful to your user base will help. Even if everything looks different then familiar pathways and processes reassure long-term users that you’re still the same company they’ve grown to trust.

How do we do it?

We do extensive research to understand your products and services and find out the needs and behaviours of your target audience. From that research, we develop and share ideas with you, we assess the feedback on those ideas, and work with you on revisions ahead of publishing changes. This positive cycle is proven to provide meaningful results.

Contact us with your requirements and let us serve you with the best user experience for your business.