Giorgio Armani and DKNY Retail commission management

Making sales commissions transparent and reliable
Giorgio Armani and DKNY Retail commission management

Retail sales staff never quite knew what they were going to earn at Giorgio Armani and DKNY.

A customer who bought a suit in New York might return it up to a year later in LA, and the commission earned was deducted from their paycheck. This scenario led to frequent tension and mistrust.

Commissions management for global retail

To address this, Think Design built a commissions management system on top of existing sales audit and employee database systems.

Sales staff could now see how much commission they earned from any point-of-sale terminal, and store managers view store earnings, both in real-time.

The new system added transparency, so sales staff could anticipate what their paycheck was, increasing trust in the retailer and reducing staff turnover.