Seeing art in virtual frames

Lowy Scan – A Digital Tool to Eliminate Guesswork
Seeing art in virtual frames

Lowy specializes in Fine Art antique and reproduction frames. Their high profile clients, including world-renowned galleries and museums, are often very busy and once they have acquired a work of art, they want a frame that fits their decor, budget and the piece itself.

“Lowy Scan – the framing app Think Design delivered – has changed how we work. It’s an invaluable sales and inventory management tool that we use on a daily basis.” –Brad Shar, Vice-President, Lowy

This intranet tool allows high-quality capture of frames and virtual compositing of customers’ paintings with Lowy’s frames.

The sales team can show customers exactly how their art will look in a variety of frames. The woodshop and warehouse can keep track of frames through Lowy Scan’s built-in inventory management.

For customers, it reduces risk and eliminates the guesswork. Seeing your Picasso or Rodin framed in a photorealistic context helps you decide which frame to buy.